Friday, January 11, 2013

Albania: Kurum wins tender for 4 HPPs
TV Top Channel

Kurum wins tender for 4 HPPs
The government has officially declared “Kurum” as the winning company of the tender for the sale of four hydropower plants in Ulez, Shkopet and two in Bistrica.

The Council of Ministers approved the final evaluation report that declares the Turkish company as winner in the tender for the privatization of two companies, “Ulez-Shkozet” and “Bistrica 1-2”.

The government has added an article in the agreement that obliges the Ministry of Finances to pay all the obligations that the state has towards Kurum for reimbursing VAT.

This was imposed by the company during the negotiations at the Ministry of Economy. Sources from the ministry say for Top Channel that the administration owes Kurum 1.2 million EUR that will be settled during the hydropower plant purchase payment.

In the tender held last month, Kurum offered 109.5 million EUR for the purchase of four HPPs with a capacity of 80 MW that produce 400-450 million KWh annually. 

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