Thursday, January 10, 2013


86 thousand Macedonians have obtained Bulgarian citizenship

Bozidar Dimitrov to Bulgarian newspaper "Standard" has revealed that so far a total of 86 thousand Macedonians have obtained Bulgarian citizenship.

"Bulgarian citizenship has great interest so far in Macedonia. There are total of 86 thousand people who have obtained a Bulgarian passport which is about 10 per cent of the total population Slavs. This interest is continuing even now, which is the thesis that the Macedonians have obtained Bulgarian passport just to travel to the west. Two years ago, the EU lifted visa requirements for Macedonia, but interest continues Bulgarian passport, "said Dimitrov.

He notes that officials in Skopje are trying to stop this process, which could put them in ridiculous position, because he will try to lead a nation which has Slavic origin but has Bulgarian citizenship.

"Their government took repressive measures that do not know in what order based - intermediaries for obtaining Bulgarian passport is now 20 years. Can not prevent a Macedonian citizen to perform a citizen, if authorization for this, "said Dimitrov.

Bulgarian authorities reaction came after the arrest of several persons by Macedonian police who were accused of being mediate during device with Bulgarian citizenship.

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