Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Things Are Getting Serious - France Sending Stealth Corvette Via "Greek And Cyprus EEZ"

The newfangled stealth corvette from the French fleet, "L'Adroit" -the first ship of the class "Gowind"- is going to make its appearance in the Eastern Mediterranean regions within Greece's continental shelf with a final destination in Cyprus on January 23. Already defence analysts are saying that this move speaks volumes in terms of France's geostrategic on the issue of Greece's and Cyprus' EEZ.

The ship, which is a top surface vessel class of 2,000 tonnes, is then set to remain in the port of Limassol.

The appearance of "L'Adroit" in the sea areas which Turkey's statements attempted to set ablaze on Monday was sparked after Ankara's refusal to accept Greece's continental shelf rights. It should be reiterated that while speaking on the Turkish TRT Channel on Monday Turkish Foreign Minister A. Davutoglu directly threatened Greece with a "hot" crisis -or WAR- if Athens even attempted to move ahead with the proclamation of its EEZ.  And this because there are overwhelming reports in Athens that claim that the government of Antonis Samaras will make a proclamation of Greece's EEZ by sending the coordinates of the outer limits of Greece's continental shelf to the United Nations in the first months of 2013.

(Of course Turkey did the same thing with Cyprus, but then decided to stick their tail between their legs and just stomach what followed.) In any case, the presence of the French in this area of the Mediterranean is significant. It also shows that a mobility has begun to resurface the French frigate program FREMM for Greece.

A senior official told the military news site defencenet on Tuesday that the ship will sail to Greek and Cypriot areas or basically "through a backdoor" sequence of the Greek and Cypriot EEZ, thus rejecting all Turkish wannabe demands.


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