Friday, November 16, 2012

Tirana, Athens: US Embassies in alert

Athens: Communication which advises and warns American citizens visiting Greece that may be victims of racist attacks issued by the U.S. embassy in Athens. The statement said that there is "increasing harassment and unprovoked .. Violent attacks against persons because of their appearance, are perceived as foreign immigrants.

  "Nationals of the U.S. most likely be those who have African, Asian, or Spanish origin who visiting Athens and other major cities." Simultaneously, the U.S. embassy in Athens invites citizens of the country to take all necessary security measures and continually updated in order to remain safe.

 U.S. Embassy Tirana, Warns Citizens: Beware, there may be violent protests for light water

U.S. Embassy in Tirana has published a guide for American citizens in our country, which warns that there may be violent protests due to power outages.

Safety message said: "The U.S. Embassy in Tirana inform American citizens that are expected to have constant power cuts across the country during the following days and perhaps longer. According to media reports, power outages will affect public services, including water supply. This can lead to the reduction of water supply to all affected areas.

In recent months, protests across the country have escalated, including the blocking of roads as a result of power outages. Projected cuts public services can lead to further protests and demonstrations.

American citizens suddenly remember that all gatherings and demonstrations have the potential to become confrontational and to escalate into violence. You should avoid confrontation and areas you care if you're at the gatherings, protests or demonstrations. "

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