Thursday, November 15, 2012

Pyrros Dimas brings the issue of school of Himara in the Greek Parliament

To the Minister of Education, Religion, Culture and Sports, Constantine Arvanitopoulos
Points questions about the private school of the Greek National Minority in Himara HOMER:
1) You need to put one directly and the second Director from Greece who has experience in educational matters. (Albanian law allows up to two directors to the minority schools).
2) You need to appoint four other minimum, teachers of skills and qualifications required for the operation of seven classes that exist today.
3) There is at least a kindergarten teacher.
4) You need to build new classrooms directly necessary for the smooth running of the school.
5) You need to upgrade the curriculum, tailored to the needs of time and place.

With this e-mail look for support in the difficult struggle against the AlbanianOur state, which does not calculate and is indifferent to our good since we are Greeks. We did not put it down. Resist and we are proud to be Greek. All we want is to support us. Give a chance tolearn every Greek struggle for what.

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