Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Filip Gordon: Albanian policy, at a critical crossroad

U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for Europe and Eurasia Philip Gordon said that Albania is at a critical
crossroad. According to him, Albania needs to make free and transparent elections in 2013 n.

Referring to Secretary Clinton's visit to Albania, Gordon said it came at an important moment in the history of Albania, the 100th anniversary of independence.

"For many years, Albania was the most isolated country of Europe, under a repressive dictatorship. During the last two decades has worked to strengthen democracy and reform the economy. "

U.S. diplomat echoed the advice of Mrs. Clinton, reports VOA.

"Mrs. Clinton made ​​it clear that Albania is at a critical juncture, and pointed to the need for free, fair and transparent elections in 2013."

He stressed that it also urged MPs to cooperate regardless of party affiliation and take quick steps to adopt reforms demanded by the European Union.

"In particular, he said, the leaders of Albania should choose the path of consolidating the achievements made ​​so far by adopting reforms in justice and administration, and to review the rules of procedure of parliament. The government, he said, should also step up efforts to fight corruption and organized crime. "

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