Sunday, November 11, 2012

Poll: What is the opinion of Himariotes for the deployment of British troops in Himara Region?


SManalysis, will conduct a poll, in which will have to be thought of indigenous residents and diaspora of Himara, to learn about public opinion to its residents, in light of the historical circumstances, geopolitical, NATO and European perspective of the region, installation of United Kingdom troops in the Himara Region.

We stress that are asked only indigenous people, to give their opinion valid, and not people who have no connection with the Himara Region. Poll carried out in view of the prospects of the region, based in self administration of finances, based on the right of beneficarly of properties and product lord historical region of Himara, respecting the historical autonomy inherent value of European civilization and contemporary.

Meanwhile, in view of estabilish of troops of the Royal Navy Marines, since 15 days, in the Himara Region, for which, media and Albanian politicians have not given any public information.

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