Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maritime agreement, Panariti: Avramopoulos in Tirana at the end of November
Panariti: the Chams, are the National Isue of Albania

Albanian Foreign Minister Edmond Panariti, said that the issue of water border with Greece, will be resolved through renegotiation of the agreement.

"The allegations that we could go to arbitration court are allegations. Soon we will have a conversation with his counterpart and will also be the case for a new agreement for marine waters, but also to other issues, "the minister said in an interview for" News24 ".

In this context Panariti has announced that Greek counterpart, Dimitris Avromopolous will come in Tirana for an official visit at the end of this month. "Your will be important and is good especially intensified visits between the two neighboring countries, many issues still awaiting resolution. There are historical problems, but they take a long time, then we have the problem of toponyms passports, transport, these elected and give the message that the policy is oriented towards the citizen, "said Panariti.

Foreign Minister said it would be requested by the Greek side lifting of martial law as "the existence of the law, there is a reason, after holding in frozen condition properties and therefore can not pave the way issues such as the Cham problem as a national isue" .

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