Friday, November 16, 2012

Αλβανοί χτίζουν ριβιέρα στη Βόρειο Ήπειρο με καταπατήσεις και Καλάσνικοφ!

Albanian Riviera, building in Northern Epirus with abuses Kalashnikov!


- Rapture of properties of the Greeks in Himara with the complicity of the Albanian Authorities 

- To protect the business interests, they have been employed gunmen who guard with Kalashnikov under construction tourist facilities!

BY JOANI SYMEONIDIThe wall that separates the free Cyprus from the occupied territories is not the only one left in Europe after the fall of the Berlin Wall, these days twenty-three years ago. On the coast of Himara, Northern Epirus, individuals with tolerance - support the Albanian Authorities have installed a fence to block access of the Greeks in the region both at sea and their properties. The Greek fortunes have gone long targeted by the Albanian government, which is trying to usurp and divide the elite of the Albanians.

 For protection, even business interests, which want to create the beautiful valley of Kakomaias-ends in an emerald beach of Ionian Sea-, the so-called "Albanian Riviera", have even recruited gunmen whoGuard with Kalashnikov monstrous villas and other tourist facilities under construction! Note, however, that the structures are idle due to lack of financial resources, although it appears to have been active even the World Bank ...supporter.The "Current" information that the disputed area, which covers a total area of ​​hundreds of thousands of acres, was recently governmental committee to monitor implementation of the 7501 Act, which attempted usurpation of the Albanian state property in Northern Epirus, the Archdiocese of Albania and Greek communities.In 2004, the Albanian government leased for ninety nine years 700 acres in the construction company "Rini8G3" which is rumored to have an open line of communication with the same Prime Minister of Albania, Sali Berisha.

 The general secretary of the Union Himariotes, Spyros Koutoulas, however, points out in "Hot 'how many times the Albanian underworld people say they have a strong" back "inside the Albanian government and abroad gimmicky, but this applies to ."Deterioration population"In July 2008 for Northern brought before the courts, based on the title deeds held by their ancestors along with other supporting documents. Albanian courts, however, rejected their cases, while the same fate had lodged appeals that were rejected by veviasmenos 'fetched' causally. Judges often arguing that the title deeds were invalid since they were vested during the Ottoman occupation, which ended in 1912 but just ...By Law 7501 Albanians seeking to give the land of Himara, like Aliko beach, Examiliou, Palermo Dralaiou and Yala, those who have worked for the communist regime in collectives. The committee found the area examined how much land will be left over from distribution to reach the Albanian state, and this in turn assign the interlocking interests.

 Many areas also identified military to easily confiscated.According to what the "Current" Mr. Dimitri Perdikis, president of the Movement for the Renaissance of Northern Epirus of the Greeks who had been displaced by the communist regime are entitled to only a few of the areas left behind: "The rest will be given to Albanians Intertwined in order to alter the demographic composition of Northern Epirus ", adds Mr. partridges.Within this move and the intention of the Albanian authorities, including information the "Current" to publish details of the recent census, according to which the Greek minority will occur three times as many of them actually apegrafisan to be seen how respect for human rights ..."They can not take away Moss our rights"The Northern not remain with folded hands, although the courts have vindicated only in one case, in Yalta, which involved a daughter ambassador. For example, in coastal Svernetsi a purely Greek village situated near Vlora, residents have risen, while the elder, George Soumpasis sent a letter of protest (photo) on March 23, 2012, addressed, among others, the Albanian Prime Minister Berisha and general Advocate of Albania, Ina Rama. Behind the seizure of the property of the Greeks there is alleged that the businessman Artur Ceuta, which has its headquarters in Florida, but has very good relations with the Albanian establishment.

 This was also evident from admission to the first stage of the judicial authorities of questionable legality in Turkish documents submitted himself and deposits perjury.In his letter Mr. Soumpasis also says the problems began from 2000 onwards, while adding that the Albanian government took advantage of the fact that many had migrated from North Epirus to Greece in order to convert their plots in government, calling it the "orphans." The elder of Svernetsiou, who had sent a similar letter in 2005 virtually nothing, seek the assistance of the authorities to solve the problem, typically emphasizing that he and villagers have rights that no one can deprive them.

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