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Provincial heroes, could share ethnic Albania

The 100th Indipendence
Day of Albania, is provoking politicaly not only Greater Albania but also a new clash, between north and south

Ismail Qemali            Ahmet Zogu

10 million euro cost for the 100th anniversary Independence of November 28,

King Zogui s backed by Berisha supporters (Ghegs, Dardana), while albanian Founder Ismail Kemal (Tosker, Epiriotes) by Edi Rama supporters in South.

As has been named as the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Albanian state, November 28, is going to share ethnic Albanians, in two traditional, in the north are Geghes and in the South are Tosks.

One of the most active politicians in the history of Albania, Paskal Milo, has accused publicaly the Prime Minister Berisha, that "he divides the country into two parts north and south, attributed to heroes who have no contribution in democracy of Albania".

This campaign which in view holds historic election rates, are joining the population from Kosovo and Macedonia, for which Prime Minister Berisha, under a backgraund historic and political demands to unify political and ethnic electoral factor, all Albanians northern Kosovo and Macedonia, in which recent call yourself as Dardane. As a historical and spiritual leader, has served the King Zogu.

On the other hand, the opposition leader, Edi Rama, has concentrated leftist political forces, in Vlora, which was considered by this political force, as the center of the establishment of the Albanian state, in 100th annyversary of  its creation.

Analysts believe that this historic crash, done in the context of the rewriting of the history of Albania, which has been forged by dictatorial regimes in Albania.

But there are others who believe that the differences with the North and South of Albania, will come the time to be confronted ethnically. In addition to the cultural and ethnic composition, in which the North of Albania, the Albanians of Kosovo and Macedonia they are inclined to own called Dardane, a theory of how the old and new as Ibrahim Rugova former President of Kosovo, which think Albanians union, there is less likely to occur and that the biggest opportunity ethnically belongs union of Dardania.

In contrast to this possibility, the leadership of the Albanian position a background historical connected with communist dictatorship with ethnical culture from Toskeria (Epiriotes), and some political forces created recently as the "Red
& Black Alliance" and the Cam Party, believe that 100 vjterori the establishment of the state of Albania, should be unification of all Albanians syndrome to the Greater Albania, but this strategy is coming back in a war Interior territorial and political, aiming votes from the South of Albania, (Tosks, Epiriotes)

Meanwhile, the only ones that are doing a story critique are some foreign histotriane but also Albanian, who claim that the Declaration of Independence of Albania, is based on false documents and not originals.

But the paradox lies in the fact that the Albanian factor in this 100th annual, is so united ethnically and equally divided, for which it is thought that the Greater Albania, may be an illusion for the union but also the risk of partition of the country, if the powerslarge and the Balkan factor, do not tolerate regarding the modern concept of the united Europe.

Problematic element to which Brusselles and Washington is concerned, is the inclusion of extreme nationalism as a philosophy, to win the parliamentary elections, which are to be held next year, a danger that populist, which is also intended assimilation of Greeks living mainly in the South, robbed of their property and paving with Greece, a new geopolitical conflict, under territorial consequences between Greece and Albania.

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