Friday, January 27, 2017

Libra leader, Blushi: "Kosovo's unification with Albania would be provoked by others"

Libra leader, Blushi: Kosovo's unification with Albania would be provoked by others
The leader of the Libra Party, Ben Blushi, criticized the Albanian diplomacy regarding the situation in Kosovo, asking the government to take it more seriously.

Blushi said the only consequence if northern Kosovo is divided by Serbia, is a unification with Albania.

"Our foreign policy leaders are unable to help Kosovo if they cannot foresee consequences. The personal investment of PM Rama in Belgrade has no value. The friendship he offered without conditions to Serbs is not worthy, since they think that Albania cannot influence the problem of Kosovo. Our Parliament must take this issue more seriously. I have proposed a special commission to treat this issue, and that our diplomacy should make it clear that if Kosovo's north is separated, the only reasonable consequence would be Kosovo's unification with Albania. It would not be a Greater Albania, but a New Albania. Now wanted by Albanians, but provoked by others", Blushi said.Top Channel TV

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