Sunday, December 4, 2016

Himara: Albanian nationalist paramilitary groups, violate property and remove the Greek flag

The Situation in Himare, is beyond the control of state Authorities, the inhabitants of the Greek ethnics in Himara, are surprised when an Albanian paramilitary group, have violated the property, which was placed the Greek flag, of a citizen from Himara.

Paradoxically, the police Authorities, which have increased the patrols during the nights, due to illegal drug trafficking, have not made any announcement about the incident, while the concern of the Greek community, for the public safety and property, is high.

Meanwhile there are more Important That fact in Himara, had been on a visit to the Greek community, the MEP Eleni Theocharous, who has been addressed very critical to Tirana, for the violation of Human Rights and freedoms in Himara Region

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