Tuesday, December 6, 2016

EYP to Athens: Himara, threatens to become the basis of the Albanian irredentist militia groups supported by the government, must put up as soon as possible, as the risk the existence of the Greek Community

Islamist groups from Germany, with properties in Drymades, Himara

Intelligence agencies, the Greek EYP in collaboration with the German BND, have reached in conclusion that there is a movement of Islamic family from Kosovo living in Germany, to Himara, buying the property to be served clandestine trafficking from the Middle East and that of drugs.

According to sources from SManalysis, The Greek Secret Service  EYP, is intensifying information to foreign nationals, mainly from Kosovo, associated with the Islamic center in Germany, who have bought property under false documents certified, in one of the areas with the controversial times last in the Himara Region.

There are dozens of families from Kosovo, some of whom fought in Syria with German citizenship, who have bought villas in a tourist complex in Drymades of Himara, owned by Albanian oligarchs..many of them have built with abusive property documents. 

With the intensification of diplomacy and pressure of Athens to Tirana recently to guarantee and protect the property and the Greek community in Himara Region, the Greek intelligence has revealed that not only are robbed property and territories of oligarchs and mafia support from government with fails documents, but these properties and tourist residences, is serving as a refuge for Islamist and nationalist paramilitary groups, which may pose a risk to the Greek population, but also a threat to Greece.,

The recent case of abolishing the Greek flag in Himara, by a group of paramilitaries from Kosovo and diaspora in Canada, is one of the scenarios that proves that irredentist militia groups, have the support of the Albanian government. This group has been housed in Drymades,, in one of the luxury hotels of the area, villas and resorts, manly oligarchs from Albania and Kosovo.

It is a paradox, but the Albanian authorities have certified with legal documents, dozens of hotels and villas, resorts and tourist villages in Himara Region, with the help of the Himara Municipality, making it possible, that paramilitary irredentist groups in Albania, mainly from Kosovo and Diaspora, put in real danger, the existence of the Greek Community of Himara, who lives 3 thousand years, in drheir property ..



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