The Albanian government is offering a four-month amnesty to all those who hand over guns.
Interior Minister Saimir Tahiri said on his Facebook page the Cabinet passed a law Wednesday offering "no penal prosecution and zero punishment to all those handing over arms before April 30, 2017."
Illegal weapon possession can attract sentences of up to 15 years of jail but old army Kalashnikovs and new pistols bought in Europe are widely used in domestic crimes, feuds and more.
In 1997 Albanians who lost life savings in fake pyramid investment schemes looted hundreds of thousands of small arms and light ammunition from army depots.
A United Nations-led project collected about 200,000 arms, but as many again are still believed to be in circulation.

But former Prime Minister Sali Berisha, thinks otherwise, he has made calls to protect Albanians from thieves affecting the properties and families,

Berisha in parliament:  Take up arms and defend your homes!

Sali Berisha in parliament replicate the Prime Minister Rama in connection with organized crime, and urged the Albanian people to carry weapons in the home to maintain their families by government gangs.

"I have a request for Albanians today, I call on them to arm their security, to provide weapons to defend themselves, hearths, their assets because they have no security. I urge you to be armed. If you think like a criminal organization to terrorize the opposition and guarantee citizens the opposition and your citizens are willing to back you with all the tools and not find where to enter the rat hole. Arm to arm Americans, all citizens who want to protect themselves. We bring law to give citizens the right to bear arms. This criminal organization has no order, no peace. These certainly jump jump here that are associated with gangs, gangs provide them security in uniform and without uniform".