Sunday, December 4, 2016

Brokaj: Albanian Army should be organized against the Greek threat

Former Defense Minister of Albania, Zabit Brokaj, in 1997 - 1999, gave an interview expressing its position against threats coming from Greece. Zabi Brokaj, is part of the staff of the Albanian National Strategy, which seeks the northern Greek territory, as part of Albania..

According to him, over 25 years, the basic formula of the existence of the state, which is arming and defense system, is forgotten and sabotage. Brokaj stresses that such threats come also because Albania has no protective capacity than NATO.

Paradoxically, Zabit Brokaj, is one of the Albanian politicians, which was active during the Civil War in Albania, 1997, against the regime of Sali Berisha, for which, killed four thousand people and destroyed the Albanian army.

Greece has helped Albania to become a member in NATO, approved in 2009, its membership of the Greek Parliament votes.

Meanwhile in 2014, Greece gave the right Albania begin the process of stabilization and association with the European Union.

But despite these efforts to integrate Albania in EU, between Greece and Albania, are open debate of the border, which could force Greece, veto for membership in the EU, f Albania, does not give citizens the right to the Citizenship Act Greek They are living in their territory in Soth of Albania, known as Northern Epirotes.

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