Wednesday, November 23, 2016

"Putin and Trump should meet in Belgrade"

Bogoljub Karic says he has made a proposal for U.S. and Russian presidents Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump to meet in Belgrade.
Source: Beta

In a letter he published in the Belgrade-based newspaper Politika on Wednesday, the businessman said he came to this idea "considering the excellent relations between Serbia and Russia."
According to the BK Group owner - who left Serbia a decade ago after he was accused of financial wrongdoing - it makes sense for Belgrade to restore the position it held during the Non-Aligned Movement era, and once again become the center of international summits, conflict resolution, and strengthening of stability.

According to Karic, Belgrade should also use this summit to initiate the lifting of anti-Russia sanctions, "something sorely needed not only by the faltering U.S. economy, but also by the EU."

"Prime Minister Vucic would organize this meeting excellently," Karic said, and added he was "personally prepared to lobby the two world leaders, for the sake of Serbia's benefit."

In its report, the Beta agency noted that a Belgrade court in September announced that due to the statute of limitations, the case against Karic concerning abuse of office and malversations in the Mobtel company was dropped in January.

But the order of the Special Department of the Higher Court in Belgrade to issue an arrest warrant for Kartic was still valid, a statement said at the time.

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