Thursday, November 3, 2016

NATO very soon a decision to response for the stability of Albania and the region, after the President Nishani, will call the Security Albanian National Council on 11 November.

NATO can engage military force to stop the threat any destabilization of Albania and the region, which comes from irresponsible policy of the Albanian nationalist rhetoric and from the threat of drugs and mafia paramilitary

Aircraft, warships and special ground forces, mainly Italian, British and Greek, will intervene without warning, to neutralize any attempt to threaten the citizens and safety as well as the attempts of groups of drug and mafia, which can be used, as expansionist nationalist and paramilitary groups militia, to destabilize Albania and the Balkans.

The declaration of the President of the Republic of Albania, Bujar Nishani, to call on 11 November, the Council of National Security of Albania, in particular in matters of drugs and the mafia in Albania, is supported by Ambassadors of the European Union and NATO, for enhance the security regime in Albania, which may affect dangerous to the region and beyond.

Following the initiative of President Nishani, ambassadors of NATO and the EU, met in a meeting behind closed doors with the Prime Minister Edi Rama, expressing to him, they are concerned about political stability in Albania, the issue of cultivation and distribution of drugs, but above all also for irredentist rhetoric that uses by Albanian leadership, to neighbors.

It is thought that in this meeting, is talking about the violation of freedoms and human rights in Himara Region against the Greek Community, for which the Greek Ambassador, criticized recent statements of Prime Minister Edi Rama. “The nationalist rhetoric used against the people of Himara by Albanian politics and some government decisions, was another request of EU ambassadors to Primer Edi Rama”.

However, the group of ambassadors and experts of NATO, is calculating the possibilities of a military escalation by land sea and air, in order to have control of Albania and the region from the violence that may be created as a result of mafia groups of drugs, in cooperation the Albanian nationalist paramilitary units.

The stability of Albania, it is only a matter of Albanian politics, which recently can increased tensions separately with Kosovo, Macedonia or Serbia, but also with Greece, which, the latter, is concerned about the rights of the Greek Community and their properties in the South of Albania, especially in Himara Region.

According to sources, the actions of the special forces of NATO will intervene without warning anywhere and anytime, will create disturbances that threaten the properties of citizens, particularly in the protection of institutions and global security.

Albania's Parliament has opened a free way of NATO, operate with military force for the security of Albania's political stability and to ensure the protection of citizens, their property and public institutions.

Regarding the issue of security, The Himara Community, expressed to the Albanian President Bujar Nishani, by the citizens with the  Greek origin of Himara Region, that the Albanian government conducted genocide against the people of Himara, in order to break homes, kidnapped and to be displaced properties, for which Athens has reacted with force diplomatically, threatening Albania that will veto its membership in Europe.

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