Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Men with KLA insignia" seize police outpost

SKOPJE -- 40 armed and masked persons wearing the insignia of the KLA early on Tuesday seized a police outpost in the Macedonian village of Gosnice, Lipkovo municipality.
The KLA (Albanian: UCK) is the now disbanded so-called Kosovo Liberation Army. The Lipkovo municipality is located in northern Macedonia.
The Macedonian Interior Ministry has confirmed that "the terrorist" attack took place at around 02:30 CET on Tuesday, the MIA news agency is reporting.

The armed group from Kosovo attacked the police outpost near the village, disarming the four police officers on duty, "and addressing them in Albanian."

Officials have said that the attack is treated as "an act of terrorism," perpetrated "most likely by persons from Kosovo," and that "all police officers (from the outpost) are now safe," while the whereabouts of the attackers, who in the meantime left the outpost, were "unknown."

The terrorists first handcuffed and beat the police officers and then gave them the keys and told them they had "half an hour to escape or they will be killed." They also video taped the whole incident

Interior Minister Ivo Kotevski said that the attackers were "well armed," wearing KLA uniforms and insignia and speaking Albanian among themselves, and also had an interpreter who spoke "bad Macedonian."

"We are the KLA. Tell everyone that (Ali) Ahmeti and (Nikola) Gruevski cannot save you. We don't want the Ohrid Agreement. We love our country, let nobody come, we will liquidate everyone," the attackers were quoted as saying.

Kotevski described the incident as "a state terrorist attack," and explained the outpost was held by the masked men "for several hours."

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