Monday, April 20, 2015

Immigration to Europe,,, Albania threatens free movement in Europe

Main statistical findings

Asylum applicants

Having peaked in 1992 (672 thousand applications in the EU-15) and again in 2001 (424 thousand applications in the EU-27), the number of asylum applications within the EU-27 fell in successive years to just below 200 thousand by 2006. Focusing just on applications from citizens of non-member countries, as shown in Figure 1, there was a gradual increase in the number of asylum applications within the EU-27 and later the EU-28 through to 2012, after which the rate of change quickened considerably as the number of asylum seekers rose to 435 thousand in 2013 and 626 thousand  in 2014; this was the highest number of asylum applicants within the EU since the peak in 1992.
This latest figures for 2014 marked an increase of almost 191 thousand applicants in relation to the year before, in part due to a considerably higher number of applicants from Syria, Eritrea, Kosovo (UNSCR 1244/99), Afghanistan and Ukraine and to a lesser extent from Iraq, Serbia, Nigeria and the Gambia (see Table 1)..........

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