Monday, April 20, 2015

Greece Seeks Strategic Ties With Iran as EU Persists With Sanctions

© REUTERS/ Alkis Konstantinidis
Greece's new ambassador to Iran said that his country seeks friendship and strategic ties as the European Union continues its sanctions regime despite breakthroughs in nuclear negotiations.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani welcomed Greece's new ambassador to the country, who told the President that his country wants to develop a strategic partnership with Iran.

The move would be a first for any EU member state, as the organization previously pursued sanctions against Iran.

"Iran is a key country in the region and Athens is determined to be Tehran’s friend and strategic partner," incoming Ambassador Georgio Aifantis said.
Rouhani commended Greece for its moderate stance on Iran and opposition on the use of sanctions. "Tehran welcomes better relations with Athens, and we appreciate the country’s moderate positions on Iran’s nuclear program," Rouhani said.

Rouhani added the use of sanctions in the modern world is unacceptable and that the era of using sanctions to pressure countries is over.

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