Tuesday, April 21, 2015

EU encourages “Greater Albania”?


Published: Apr 20, 2015

FRANKFURT – The Pristina authorities and some foreign ambassadors have welcomed the peaceful protests of three ethnic Albanian opposition parties that want the establishment of the community of Serb municipalities banned, but turned a blind eye on the fact that the rally was held under flags of a “Greater Albania”, Frankfurtske vesti reported on Monday.

Photo: Nikola Dimitrijevic / Tanjug
Photo: Nikola Dimitrijevic / Tanjug

Also, there was no reaction when the governments of Kosovo and Albania recently held a joint session under the suggestive motto of “One country, one nation, one dream.”

European officials have turned a blind eye on the formation of the fiercely nationalist Ballist party and Civic Movement Hearth in Pristina, Vesti warned.

In fact, this is no surprise since the same flag has recently been flown outside the cultural centre in Decani, where Ramus Haradinaj’s party is in power, the paper said.

The flags appeared at Saturday’s protest in central Pristina after Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama spoke for the second time in just two weeks about a unification of Kosovo and Albania.

The quite mild reactions from the European Union to Rama’s initial statement about a national unification of Albanians have apparently been perceived in some circles as an encouragement, Vesti reported.

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