Friday, January 25, 2013


Zoran Andjelkovic: U.S. is interested in fomenting separatism in the Balkans

Author: Konstantin Kachalin

At the time of our meeting in May 2005 Zoran Andjelkovic held the position of Vice President of the Parliament of Serbia and held the position of Secretary General of the Socialist Party of the Republic.

During our discussion, we talked about the union between Serbia and Montenegro and, of course, Kosovo.

- What are the prospects for the current union of Serbia and Montenegro, how could develop relations between the two capitals?

-The Socialist Party of Serbia ruled against the creation of the state of Serbia and Montenegro. The promoter of this project was Javier Solana in 1999, with UN General Secretary, authorized the war against Yugoslavia. The current Prime Minister of Montenegro, Milo Djukanovic, made a political career, fighting Milosevic and Belgrade, always wanted to be an independent politician, without submitting to the authority of anyone. Right now his position is somewhat weaker than in recent years, but still has the support of the EU and Solana they do everything within their power to ensure that Montenegro will become a sovereign state. I could safely say that our party, like our allies in Parliament, the Serbian Radical Party will not support output Montenegro federation. And do not get Djukanovic and Montenegro independence.

-The "hottest" of the Balkans in recent years is Kosovo, where there is almost no Serbs and the Albanians have terrorized the elderly who can not defend themselves or have nowhere to go. They force the Serbs to sell their land at throwaway prices. And all this is happening under the supervision of the UN. New York insists its mission of peacekeeping in Kosovo is one of the most fruitful. But in reality the world is witnessing the gradual creation of a "Greater Albania". And we should not be ruled out that the capital Pristina.

-Unfortunately, the U.S. is interested in Kosovo and Montenegro is encouraged separatism rather than integration projects. It's no secret that between 1998 and 1999 Washington backed Muslim organizations in Kosovo, injecting into the region illegally hundreds of millions of dollars that were earmarked for the creation of the "Kosovo Liberation Army". Not only is it engaged some U.S. congressmen, but a number of NGOs.

At present it is in a less evident but some politicians who were in power during the Clinton years, create foundations and through them send large sums Kosovo.

We are against this year that determined the status of Kosovo. To do so, would have to act within the framework of the UN and the Security Council. It would be highly important to know the position of the permanent members of the SC, namely Russia and China. One should not forget that in Resolution 1244 adopted in summer 1999 makes no mention of the sovereignty of Kosovo. Recall the examples of Hong Kong and Macao, it took almost fifty years to settle the matter. Why We propose cede once and for all Muslims land where Serbs lived for centuries, where are the sacred places for Christians? Just because I support the United States?

And I'll take another example: the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina ended in 1995. Now is also zone UN protectorate, but nobody says that Serbs and Croats should have there own states. Neither Muslims, despite being supported by the U.S..

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