Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christos Pappas, in an interview with Arthur Zhei, News 24 TV

It will be showed on January 28, 2013

Pappas: "Northern Epirus is a region that holds arbitrary from Albania, as recognized by the great powers, the Protocol of Corfu.

The Law of War against Albania, can not remove from Papoulias nor Greek parliament, but the Greek army is ready to liberate the Northern Epirus, again ""In Albania we are at war, when we become government will liberate Northern Epirus with our guns ..."

The MP of the Golden Dawn Christos Pappas became well known in Albania as three months ago focused their lenses on the Albanian media, for the incident in October 28 in Northern Epirus.

 "... We are at war ... it can not be canceled by a statement of Papoulias but must pass in parliament of both countries, something that did not happen, so we are at war with you ... signed the Protocol of Corfu Autonomy of Northern Epirus and is still in force since there was canceled by someone else, why not respected? If we become in government, our army will liberate Northern Epirus ... 

"This is the content of the spots that highlight the NEWS24, each advertising section by the journalist Artur Zhei..

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