Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Serbia reacts strongly to Berisha's statement


Serbia has formally called on the government of Albania to withdraw her statement on recent events in Presevo.
In a statement the Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted that Berisha should prevent actions to destabilize the situation in neighboring countries and respect the rights of minorities in Albania.
Serbian state considers the language used under any level communication dignity and contrary to the commitment of the Albanian Prime.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia expresses its strong protest against the declaration of the Government of Albania for the removal of the monument in Presevo.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers the language used in the statement direct incentives for actions that help to destabilize the situation in southern Serbia and the whole region, in neighboring countries where ethnic minorities live in Albania.
Naming and accusations directed against the Serbian government under any decent communication level anyway and are inconsistent with the commitment given by the Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha, personally, during the recent visit of Foreign Minister Ivan Mrkiç in Tirana Albania is ready to open a new page in bilateral relations between the two countries.
Explanation inflammatory rhetoric is due to concerns over the status of the ethnic Albanian minority in southern Serbia is a cumbersome manipulation, as defense actually Albanians and every national minority in Serbia is in line with the highest international standards, higher than those applied to national minorities living in Albania.
Precisely because of the lack of treatment within the legal framework that will provide protection for Serbs and other national minorities in Albania, we believe that the Albanian authorities should urgently take serious steps to ensure that communities are protected according to internationally accepted standards.
Albania as a country that states that its priority is the adoption of European values ​​and EU membership really expect it to life the priorities stated and prevent its actions to destabilize the situation in neighboring countries.

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