Monday, January 21, 2013

On the way, for unification of the Greater Albania

Berisha: What happened in Presevo shows that we must come together in a State

Berisha: Tirana will review relations with Serbia

During the meeting of the parliamentary group of DP, Berisha was stopped in the removal of the monument by the Serbs yesterday in Presevo.

He said that what happened yesterday shows the hatred that exists towards Albanians and for this reason, he said the only solution to the Albanians is to unite in a single state. According to Berisha, can not be admitted to such actions.

"Nations of the region should see the process of uniting the Albanians, as a peace process," said Berisha.

Berisha said that the international community should not hold dual positions with Serbia. He said that Albania, after yesterday's act, to rethink relations with Serbia.

Berisha's statement, confirms the analysis of the Western journalists, who see politicians nationalist propaganda in Tirana, not as an electoral phenomenon, but national strategy for Greater Albania.

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