Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Stratfor & JSSNews: "They come riots in Greece, Spain, Italy" - "Russia is ready ..."

Major geostrategic turmoil across Europe are now increasingly saphenous American think tanks, as a result of the economic crisis sweeping the eurozone. As reported by Jonathan-Simon Sellem in JSSNews, but Stratfor itself .

"European politicians will not admit openly, but fear that the dire economic situation in countries like Greece and Spain could lead to internal revolutions that will easily exported.

Spain has not only need 100 billion to save its banks, should also feed into the regional governments, which need to refinance debt of 36 billion by the end of 2012.

Moreover, Spain is not the worst concern for the European Union. Italy needs to refinance 200 billion later this year. Where to find? ".

Let's look at the key points of the analysis above, which of course reach the same conclusions:

-Europe is threatened by serious internal security problems due to the masses marginalized by the economic crisis in Greece, Spain, Italy. Then will come the turn of France.

-The slump in Greece if uncontrollable situations will drag and Cyprus which are inseparably connected with it

-Spain has not survived, but the problem refinancing of Italy is much higher

-Russia could use its internal collapse in Greece and Cyprus to control them with strategic energy reserves they have.

Let's look at the important points of analysis:.

- "In two weeks, the Greeks will go to the polls again. The far left, SYRIZA, is first in the polls. In recent months, violence hit the streets of Athens and Thessaloniki. People commit suicide in despair public, reminding Europeans leaders that the so-called Arab spring, which overthrew many Arab regimes began to sacrifice a salesman in Tunisia. "

- "Later this month, Greece will have € 5.2 billion in rescue funds from other EU countries. In return, the Greeks have to spend € 14.5 billion in austerity measures. what government is capable in such an environment to take such measures without danger of revolution? If anger and frustration continues to grow in Greece, the country could descend into chaos. "

- "A mess that could be gripped and Cyprus, where the situation is as unstable due to the fact that Cyprus is inextricably tied to the economy of Greece. A collapse of Greece will be swept away with her ​​to Cyprus and Russia after the government rescued area with the loan of 3 billion of the banks after the "haircut" of Greek debt face a huge problem.

- "And if the EU does not give money, others could: In December 2012, Russia had already provided a bilateral loan of 3 billion. Russia is definitely able to rescue Cyprus. The Russians, however, are likely to want something in return.

Intervene if Russia, which can feel that undermined the position of Syria in the strategic situation in the eastern Mediterranean could change because you want to gain strategic approaches to a damaged and a sunken Greece Cyprus. "

- " But the Greece and Cyprus are very small fish in comparison with Spain. O Spanish banking sector is on the verge of collapse. The Bankia, third largest bank in Spain, has an urgent need to rescue the Spanish government (21 billion. euros). The Bankia, a state institution built on the ruins last seven regional banks could no longer cover the huge losses in the Spanish property market crash, is virtually bankrupt. To be able to save all Spanish banks, already heavily indebted government in Madrid needs at least 90 billion euros. (SS finally gets 100). At the same time, youth unemployment is over 50%, the new generation of Spanish has no opportunity, no future. They have nothing to lose and therefore can easily be convinced that the revolution against this political system is a solution. This is a politically dangerous situation, which should take into account the U.S.. All the countries of southern Europe could soon find themselves in a storm. " - "If Spain goes down the drain, followed by Italy. The ties with Italy Ispanias mean that it will fall with it. If Italy, the third largest economy in the EU dropped, France is likely to follow. The Europeans are prepared to destroy. " - "From such a catastrophe is certain that the Kremlin will not lose this opportunity. Already last year, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich stated that Russia is ready to lend money and provide its expertise to solve the European crisis. It offered "both to advise and contribute to stability in Europe with our financial reserves."

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