Monday, June 11, 2012

The political campaign in Greece, all parties, propaganda for Northern Epirus


According to the Greek press that is following the campaign, it is likely that Moscow, can open the case, to the Security Council, for an large autonomy in Northern Epirus, under the treaty of "Corfu Protocol" in 1914

Almost all political parties, are the focus of the votes of about 200 thousand voters from Northern Epirus, which could decide for the future fate of Greek politics.

And obviously, in the main candidate is from Himara, Pirro Dimas, but also by Nea Demokratia leader,  Andonis Samaras.

Meanwhile, The Greek press (the newspaper Eleftheros Tipos) who is following the nationalist campaign, it is likely that Moscow, can open the case, in next to the Security Council, for an autonomy in Northern Epirus, under the treaty "Corfu Protocol" in 1914,

This proves the best, the commitment of political parties in this campaign, which when they have been, previously in power, at least 20 years past, have not done any geopolitical movement to request the international community, the implementation of the agreement of the "Protocol Corfu ", but officially  Athens, has seen the Greek economic interests in Albania.

As a result of this failed policy of Greek governments, many families of Northern Epirus, but also the Orthodox Church, have lost the properties, which were taken from the "Mafia", which is applying by the state regime, especially in Himara and Lukovo Region.


Interestingly, Tirana, is not concerned by geopolitical news coming from the political campaigns of Athens. It has ignored almost steadily in recent years any request addressed to human rights in southern Albania, focusing finally, in the campaign "funny and ridiculous" for the president of the republic.

But on the other hand, nationalist tendencies of the Albanian parties, including Prime Minister of Albania Sali Berisha and opposition leader Edi Rama, not at all diminish the desire of the union of Albania, and Kosovo.

Especially is the fact that the Albanian government has designated as the 100 year jubilee anniversary of the independence of Albania, as the union of Kosovo with Albania.

Some days ago, Black and Read Alliance, proposed that Albania, before entering the EU, should join with the first bill, the Kosovo & Albania Union.

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