Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Ex premier Fatos Nano attacks Edi Rama the leader of opposition
Nano attacks Edi Rama

Fatos Nano felicitated the Albanian Socialists for the 21st anniversary of the creation of the party, and appealed them to continue united and transform Albania together.

The founder of the Socialist Party, Fatos Nano, used this greeting to attack the Socialist leader by saying that “the only one that divides us today is the man that calls himself Socialist leader, although he has brought only losses. Rama caused the next loss yesterday. His brusque, foolish and harlequin behavior gave Berisha the next victory, by leaving him to choose the President that he wanted. I lent the cooperation hand to Rama, but he rejected it with persistence. I asked him to go from the disagreements to agreements, on behalf of the Socialists and Albania, but he rejected it again”, Nano declared.

Fatos Nano continued his accusations against Edi Rama regarding his meeting with Meta at the Lalzi bay.

“This party leader dares accusing me that I was a diversion and a joke of the government, when Rama ran to the Lalzi Bay, as a thief, in the middle of the night, with a bag full of perverse dreams for Prime Minister, and he sold within a night the four victims of January 21st, the 26 victims of Gerdec, the May 8th elections, the elections of 2009, the hunger strike of dozens of Socialists, and dozens of major sacrifices that the good and honest socialists have made for him. After the dinner at the Lalzi Bay, the person that was mocked by the government was Edi Rama”, the letter says.

After failing for the third time to become President, Nano asked the Socialists to help him take the Socialist Party in their hands.

“I am offering myself to the Socialists and the opposition to take the fate of the Socialist party in our hands, and not allow the losses of the Socialist Party to become the losses of Albania, not allow Edi Rama’s crisis to be the punitive crisis for Albania”.

After the opposition accused Nano that he was Berisha’s diversion, he immediately launched an attack against Berisha, by also declaring that the government was infringing the Constitution with Nishani’s candidacy for President, since he hadn’t resigned from his post as Minister. Nano compared this with Ilir Beqaj’s case, who was found in a similar situation, and lost his mandate after a decision of the Constitutional Court.

Nano considered Berisha the only cause of the political crisis in our country.

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