Friday, January 15, 2010

Albanian Parliament Speaker, opposes NATO

"Even one foreign soldier, he will be passed on a vote by the Albanian Parliament"


Speaking for political show on "Opinion", of " TV Klan", Albania's Parliament Speaker Jozefina Topalli, has dismissed any speculation that deals with the continuing NATO request to facilitate crossing procedures, installation and sending troops of NATO missions inside and outside Albania, without taking decision by the Parliament of Albania.

"We will not break the Constitution for sovereignty against our interests. And a foreign soldier (NATO), it will be passed on a vote by the Albanian Parliament.

Two Ministers of Defense, Fatmir Mahdi (an year ago) and now Arben Imami, have proposed a bill, which authorizes the government of Albania to provide permission for the activity of NATO soldiers in Albania, by removing the right Parliament.

Premier Berisha sees as successful electoral propaganda, the national sovereignty, outside of NATO, opposing the strategic position of NATO in South Eastern Europe.

This clarifies that Albania, in the politically destabilized faze, NATO will find it difficult to intervene at an appropriate time, which understand that, for the Prime Minister Berisha, he would find much greater difficulties than in 1997"

A dangerous game for Berisha..

However, Article 2 of Law Nr 10 100, of March 26, 2009, ..for "the accession of Albania in NATO", states that "the Council of Ministers decides on the transfer of foreign troops from the territory of Albania .." The vote by the Albanian Parliament. (Legal document)

Anyway, Sali Berisha, wants to place NATO in a serious position, putting the face with the Constitution of Albania, a very dangerous game of Prime Minister Berisha ..

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