Monday, January 11, 2010

Albanian hypocrisy:

Ekrem Spahia: "Thanks for the help from the Greek Government"

The Chairman of King ultra Nationalist Party and Defense vice Minister in the government of Sali Berisha, Ekerem Spahia has changed the "Mask", returning to a "philo Greek" as usually happens in Albania. During his entire political career, he together with Republican Sabri Godo, have named Greece as the greatest enemy of the Albanian nation.

The Television "Top Channel" has found a real paradox telling the nationalist politician changing guise, whenever the need calls his boss, Prime Minister Sali Berisha for the relationship with the Greeks. Spahia thanked Greek team for the help in floods in Shkodra.

In 1997, President Sali Berisha used secret service chief, Bashkim Gazidede, and deputy Blerim Cela, to declare that the uprisings in Albania against Sali Berisha, had organized Greece and CIA.

So, in 1998 coup d`etat, the man nearest Berisha, Ekerem Spahia, was the organizer of the attack against the socialist government, which called "the Greek government of Fatos Nano".

The paradox continue .....Whenever disaster happen in Albania, the Greek forces take the honors as a thanksgiving for humanitarian aid, while in everyday life of Albanian policy, Greece attacked by officials of Tirana, as the mostly 'enemy' with threatens Albania.

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