Sunday, January 10, 2010

Edi Rama, accuses the owners of the media in Albania

"You are returning as lifeboat, for Berisha's Corruption"

Once again he has accused the attorney general for not lifting the immunity for Sali Berisha. Only late in last night, the opposition leader Edi Rama denounced with force, provide support the owners of media to PM Sali Berisha, to manipulate the truth of the recent events.

"Albania media owners rarely support as a ruling totalitarian tendencies of Berisha, in exchange for fiscal interests, using newspapers and television as rescue bark, to support the government corruption of Berisha, about actual flooding situation," said Edi Rama.

About 4 / 5 of the Albanian media are set in the function of propaganda that the totalitarian regime of Sali Berisha, by hiding the truth of events in Albania

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