Thursday, January 14, 2010

"Bomber" in Tirana by "World Bank"

Photo: Ilir Meta, Sali Berisha and Philippe Le Houérou seen today in Tirana.

Paradox: World Bank "asks forgiveness" for the destruction of the village Jale from Berisha's police forces

Philippe Le Houérou, is on an official visit in Tirana and met with Prime Minister Berisha and cabinet ministers including Ilir Meta. Let Houérou said surprisingly that the World Bank, is surprised with "Albania success story", with the support of the International Development Agency, World Bank.

However, focusing on developments last year in connection with the project management of integrated coastal area and the elimination of an ethnic Greek village in Himara, Vice President of World Bank explained that "the World Bank regrets that, in an inspection aimed to see if the Bank was restrained or not its policies, went unfounded statements against the government's actions with this project in the village Jale.

Deputy Prime Minister Ilir Meta, at the time that had been in opposition with Premier Berisha, who had accused the son in law of Berisha Jamarber Maltezin, as the responsible of the demolition of Jale village by police forces, hiding the name of World Bank project.

Meanwhile the government for mutual accusations regarding with the World Bank implication on the village Jale destruction, is waiting to start a trial in Vlora District Court.

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