Thursday, December 7, 2017

Berisha denounces an attempt of the Government of Albania, to built resort on the properties stolen of the Greek Community in Drymades of Himara


Very interesting that, Berisha was, in many cases, an inspiration for Albanian irredentism to Greece, to take the role of a lawyer pro Himariots, while in fact, has made a denunciation, which would be an investigation of the Special Prosecution, for which, for the only reason that the property and territories of the Greek Community of Himara, are being stolen, everyone is silent in Albania.

Perhaps for politics, diplomacy or just being in the political opposition, Sali Berisha, former Prime Minister of Albania, has denounced in the social network Facebook, an attempt to violate human rights and freedoms in Drymades, Himara Region, while representatives of an early communist-nomic family and close to left-wing politicians are making an attempt with the Albanian government to get a construction permit for a giant hotel, on the properties owned by some families belonging to the Greek community of Himara.

Specifically, according to the denunciation, for 17,000 square meters of property near the sea, as the most delightful tourist part of Albania, belonging to some autochthonous Greek families, but which have recently been abandoned by corrupt practices, the Albanian state has put in the functionality of legislation and government decisions, to robbing the properties and territory of the himariotes.

This is not the only case, but as we have pointed out, the Himara Development Plan has been deliberately prepared to implement the $ 1 Billion Project of the Albanian Oligarchs, one of which is this project to build a 5-star Hotels, on the properties owned by the Greek Community.

The fact that Berisha, in many instances inspired by Albanian irredentism to Greece, to take the role of a lawyer against Himariotes, is very interesting, while the Greek Embassy in Tirana, rather than having a hard time intervening, orients the citizens of the Greek community, to go to the Albanian Tribunals, when they know, they are lost.

It is in the dignity of Greece, that it is silent on the threats to the disappearance of the Greek Community of Himara, despite the diplomatic promises and declarations, it is now very important that the interventions from Athens, to be made to stop the implementation of the Himara Development Plan, does not touched by the $ 1 Billion Project.

It is worth mentioning the fact that the EU Representative in Tirana, Romana Vllahutin, calling during meetings with Trojka (UE – USA) to Prime Minister of Albania Rama, at last September, that “where laws and government decisions, undermine the Greek community, than they must be changed”. But there is a silence on Himara and, of course, an action by the oligarchic mafia of Albania, to start the looting and construction in the most confusing area of Albania, the Himara Region.

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