Saturday, February 4, 2017

Albania: On the verge of state bankruptcy .........


Incriminated political elite of Albania, is playing "anti-American Charter", but the country could face a strong instability as a result of the failure of "The State of law enforcement" ..

A few days ago, successfully started operation on Border control of the Greek - Albanian line, including the Ionian Sea, through the operation, Frontex, which only today,  seized over 2 tons of drugs.

Very serious sources said that, NATO Experts of security, in collaboration with Western intelligence particularly from USA, have achieved in a very strong conclusion, that the "Process of Vetting" in Albania, is undermined by its own senior politicians, in collaboration with a team of prosecutors and high-level judges.

This situation is chaotic and criminalized thought all levels, especially within the Albanian government,  could lead to a clash of criminal groups that control the monopoly of drugs and weapons, associated with high Albanian politicians.

"What we're seeing with the power, in addition to attempts to sabotage the process of justice, is that the political elite, is seeking to benefit time to dominate the upcoming parliamentary elections, in the same way as before," said US Ambassador in Tirana Donald Lu.

Meanwhile, Albania is a NATO member, but the country is currently experiencing a serious institutional crisis,, while being considered the possibility of increasing the presence of NATO forces, to avoid a chaotic situation as in 1997.

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