Sunday, January 29, 2017

Metropolitan Radovic: 8 thousand Montenegrin and Serbs fight for Skodra liberation by ottomans

"Another version of Albanian history", as usually comes from Montenegro, when Metropolitan Radovic shocks the Albanian opinion" 8 thousand Montenegrin and Serbs fight  for Skodra liberation by ottomans.

Radovic Saint Kosmas, is the orthodox martyr killed by Albanian ottomans. 

 Provokon mitropoliti i Malit t� Zi:
Ne dhe serb�t �liruam Shqip�rin�

There are about 8.000 Serbs solders martyrs who fight for the Independence of Albania both from Ottoman Empire also against fascist axis in Second World War", declared in Shkoder the Orthodox Metropolitan of Montenegro Radovic.

"We must rebuild the cemetery of Serb solders martyrs in Albania as the Montenegrin and Serbs have built for other solders including German and Italian fascists to remember the history", said his holy Radovic of Montenmegro.

"We have all orthodox, our martyr, the Saint Kosmas of Etholia", said Radovic.

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