Monday, May 9, 2016

The Constitutional Court of Albania, removes the mandate of Koco Kokëdhima, PS` MP

The Constitutional Court of Albania, has removed Koço Kokëdhima`s Socialist Deputy mandate, which was sent at this court by the Democratic Party's.

Kokëdhima, accused of illegal profit of public funds, benefiting approximately for 150 tenders being in clear conflict of interest.

A few weeks ago, the Constitutional Court accepted the request of the Democratic Party to be an interested party in the matter. PD accused Kokëdhima for benefit public funds in a time that has been the Deputy.

Democratic Party told the court that Mr. Kokëdhima violated the Constitution by public funds benefited from contracts concluded by the company, which he owned until several months after receiving the mandate.

MP Koco Kokëdhima talking to the media after the hearing in the Constitutional Court decided not expressed on the issue of its mandate, which it said has left to the court to whose decision has full confidence.

"On this issue I think should not pronounce on me and I want to quit completely in the hands of the court, since I have full confidence in the justice system and that this issue will take a final solution," said Kokëdhima.

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