Thursday, May 12, 2016

Albania, another scandal against the Greeks of Himara: demolished houses, in the name of projects for tourism, financed by the European Bank

The Himara Community, informed the headquarters of the Council of Europe and the Bank for Development, for the demolition of the homes and businesses of citizens with Greek descent in Himara Region, after the action of the authorities of the Inspectorate INUK and the Albanian Army, in Drymades, Vuno and Himara.

About 25 homes and businesses, on the grounds that "going through the plan of reconstruction of historic centers," a project funded by The Council of Europe and the Bank for Development, with 28 million euro, for the development of tourism in the Alps and Ionian Coast of Albania, added revolt among residents after their homes were demolished on charges "that are illegal construction".


The situation is similar developments for the demolition of the village Jali, of Himara Region in 2007 by the government of the PM Berisha, in collaboration with the program of the World Bank, for "the development of the southern coast of Albania", which ended in a scandal with international dimensions, which included important directors of the Bank.

  "We ask," Pardon "for the residents who collapsed houses, The World Bank, there is no funding programs for the Albanian government, through acts of vandalism to increase poverty and revolt against residents who were corrupt homes and economy", was that the response of the World Bank, which followed the path of an International Court with the Albanian government.

But there is no explanation for the acts of vandalism of the Albanian government, they are continuing without stopping, which has taken actions for breach of households of citizens with Greek descent. Shameful act is the involvement of the Albanian Army, which is terrorizing residents, most of Pensioners.
Meanwhile, The Himara Community, a non-governmental organization, financed by USAID sometimes has requested explanations from the Office of the EU Delegation in Albania, as part of the financing the Program: "" Restoration and urban requalification of the territory in Dhërmi (Drymades in Greek) and Vuno Villages ", in order to Develop tourism 'economic progress as well as through restoration, conservation and Rehabilitation of traditional houses Areas and cultural heritage.

The Institute of Monuments of Culture of Albania, which is responsible for the project, states that are to be demolished 45 buildings hotels up in 5 floors, in Drymades and Vuno, but according to sources from Himara, damage caused by demolition of 25 buildings so far, it can be estimated around 1 million euro, whose people, are facing difficulties to criminally prosecuted and responsible actions of the Albanian government.

This confusion and terror against the population, inhabited by ethnic Greek community, in Drymades and Vuno, comes after the authority of the State Inspectorate, demolished Church of Agia Athanasios, last year, which was dishonored in a diplomatic conflict between Albania and Greece, brought consequences irreparable to the opening of negotiations for Albania to the EU. Greece decided "Veto", to the report of the European Commission, to force Albania, to respect the freedoms and human rights and in particular the Greeks living in Himara Region.

Assignment Description: The Government of Albania has received a loan from the Council of Europe Development Bank (CEB) in an of EURO 28,700,000 toward the cost of the “Community Works IV: Development of the Albanian Alps and Coastal Areas” Project, and it intends to apply a portion of the proceeds of this loan to eligible payments for goods, works, related services and consulting services to be procured under this project. The (Development of the Albanian Alps and the coastal area") project which is partly financed by the European Union.

Χιμάρα: Κατεδαφίζουν κτίρια και καταστρέφουν ανθρώπους

Μαζικές κατεδαφίσεις κατοικιών στο χωριό Δρυμάδες προγραμματίζει η αλβανική Κυβέρνηση

Δράσεις κατά της αναζωπύρωσης του αλβανικού ανθελληνισμού

Διεθνοποιείται η υφαρπαγή των περιουσιών Ελλήνων στους Δρυμάδες

EXCLUSIVE- World Bank Demolished Albania Village
A World Bank project meant to safeguard Albania’s coastal zones was used to selectively demolish parts of a village in southern Albania and leave many families homeless,  according to an internal report , which additionally notes allegations of corruption and efforts by World Bank officials to cover up the events .
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