Wednesday, April 15, 2015

NATO in Tirana, for recent Euro-Atlantic Security Challenges

18th Annual International Conference of the Atlantic Council of Albania: NATO IN FACE OF THE RECENT EURO-ATLANTIC SECURITY CHALLENGES

On February 25-26, 2015, the Atlantic Council of Albania, supported by the NATO PDD organized its 18th Annual International Conference titled: ‘NATO in face of the recent Euro-Atlantic Security Challenges’. This conference successfully served as a long-established opportunity for civil society and political actors to make significant contributions to encourage cooperation for security and development in the Europe and Western Balkans and to discuss NATO approaches to the current security challenges. The conference had representatives from the region and beyond. The conference was held at Hotel Mondial in Tirana on 26th February 2015 and was attended by over 150 participants, including government representatives, political leaders, diplomats, security and defense experts, military officers, university professors, researchers, civil society representatives, media people, ACA members and students. The conference featured four sessions of high-level speakers and was followed by questions, debates, and good discussions.

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