Saturday, April 18, 2015

Edi Rama again on unification of Albania and Kosovo

Published: BELGRADE- Albania and Kosovo will unite, Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama repeated in an interview for Television Sky News Arabia.
Edi Rama - Photo: AP
Edi Rama – Photo: AP

On Friday, Rama stated that he had already said unification is something Albania considers as inevitable and unquestionable, adding that he believes it will happen on the path toward Europe.

However, Rama said that it is possible this may happen in another way in case Europe does not interfere with the strategic calculations of Balkan countries and a change of the appearance of the Balkans.

In the recent interview that Rama and Kosovo’s Foreign Minister Hasim Taci have given together to Pristina-based broadcaster Klan-Kosova, the Albanian prime minister said there are two alternatives for “the unification of Kosovo and Albania”, and that everything depends on the EU’s approach.

The first option is the unification within the EU. However, if the EU closes the door to Kosovo’s EU integration then, as Rama put it, “the two states will be forced to unite in a classic way”.

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