Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Resolution against terrorism signed at SEECP summit

13 foreign ministers of the Balkans were present at the SEECP meeting held in Tirana. They signed a joint resolution against terrorism.

Albania heads the current presidency of the SEECP. The resolution is made up of 10 points, and all countries will to cooperate against terrorism.

1-We Condemn all practices and forms of terrorism and express our determination to combat terrorism and its forms.

2- We condemn all terrorist acts and violations of human rights by ISIS.

3-We emphasize that there is no excuse for terrorism and it should not be identified with any nationality, religion or ethnic group.

4-We express our full commitment that common challenges require joint action and response.

5-We support and strongly promote religious tolerance and coexistence as a direct contribution to democracy, to protect human rights, security and stability. But also to prevent radicalization and terrorism in our region.

6-We express our full support to the global anti-terror coalition and commit to strengthen cooperation through mechanisms along with partners.

7-We express great concern regarding the expanding activity and terrorist threat. Especially in some areas in southern Europe. We need commitment to political action, and finding ways to combat terrorism.

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