Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Financial Times: A Syriza compromise will lead to the rise of Golden Dawn

The Financial Times released an article recently warning that Golden Dawn could gain political dominance should Syriza break its promise to the Greek people and compromise with European lenders. The article, written by Wolfgang Münchau, attempts to assess the Greek government’s options & tactics in the upcoming Eurogroup meetings.

Münchau recommends that Syriza stand firm against the lenders, with finance Minister Varoufakis to remain calm against the coldness that will inevitably come from his counterparts in the Eurogroup meeting. Münchau, after assessing the possible ‘worst case scenarios’, comes to the conclusion that the absolute worst possible scenario would be to do what we inevitably all know Syriza will do; give in to the money lenders. Münchau states:

‘The worst-case scenario would be for the Greek government to blink first, and accept defeat. If Syriza were to be co-opted into policy consensus, the only political party left to oppose these policies would be Golden Dawn’.

The fake socialists of Syriza, who have already backtracked on their promise to end austerity, and offered to pay back every last cent to the international loan sharks, will continue to talk tough until the usurers begin to tighten their squeeze closer to the approaching end date. Syriza has been fairly explicit on their position regarding this issue: we agree with the usurers, but any universal acceptance of your requirements will infuriate the Greek people who will turn to Golden Dawn. For this reason, we must put on a show, and change the aesthetics surrounding the current Troika and Memorandum (such as renaming it) in order to sell it to the Greek people, while still inflicting them with the same poison as the PASOK/New Democracy regimes.

Consequently, for the coalition of Syriza-ANEL, there is no plan B, but not even a plan A for the negotiations with the European ‘partners’. Their only bargaining chip has been a warning to the Europeans about the rise of Golden Dawn. To this end, the fully controlled media and fraudster counterfeit polls will continue to paint Syriza as a beacon of light, while they pretend to fight for such endless changes, such as renaming the Troika to the ‘Greek Program’ in order to ddeceive the Greek people.

Unfortunately for Syriza, the Greek people are much brighter than they think, and will soon wake up to see that Tspiras and his gang of Marxists are no different to the overtly capitalists tools of New Democracy, and the equally fake Socialists of the corrupt PASOK. Syriza will have a short life line, even with the media on their side, and the inevitable rise of Golden Dawn will show the Greek people once again the true meaning of Hellenism.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Golden Dawn honours the anniversary of Autonomy in Northern Epirus

Golden Dawn paid respect to the anniversary of Autonomy in Northern Epirus. MEPs Epitideios & Kapelonis attended the event, in the company of other Golden Dawn members. From the early morning, our comrades attended the Church of Saint George Karytsi, in praise of the efforts of Hellenic heroes who fought in the Northern Epirus struggle. Together, they followed the path to the Tomb of the Unknown Solider, where MEP Giorgos Epitideios laid a wreath in honour of those who had fallen.

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