Monday, January 6, 2014

The socialist government of Edi Rama, threatens rebellion by its members in Vlora

According to the newspaper "SOT" tax and customs administration, continue to be appointed persons who have served the corrupt government of Sali Berisha

SOT: Government "Rama" is holding in coalition "Chameria Community Party", PJIU without leaving the engaged, the most powerful socialist electorate in Albania.

New developments in the Albanian political scene, which may paradoxically called incredible, but have happened. Socialist electorate of one of the areas where Prime Edi Rama, is deputy, the Vlora Region, it rebelled against the same government that has voted.

According to the newspaper "SOT" militant socialist, dismissed from 8 years from Berisha government is not returned in the job, while the current administration accused of corruption, deepening of the financial crisis in Albania, continue to stand.

But the Socialist rebellion of Vlora, in foundation also has another aspect: Premier Edi Rama, has 100 days to govern with Chameria Community Party, PJIU, which was in coalition with Berisha Government, who lost from 1 million votes of Socialists. The inclusion "ad hock" of PJIU with socialists, has risen to dangerous confrontations in Vlora Region, after hundreds of Cameria Community members, continue to be in administration, concludes "SOT" newspaper.

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