Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A1 Report - Xhihad 2014, si perfundojne drejt Sirise fanatiket shqiptare

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"Jihad" in 2014, as radical Islamic Albanian finish to Syria

At the height of the fighting between extremists and government opposition in Syria, recently noted "exodus" of Albanians who go there for jihad, but a very serious phenomenon is emerging lately: Take away the women and childrens. News  confirmed for the newspaper "Shqiptarja.com" to the law enforcement sources, which claim that everything is happening at a time when Syria have advanced extremist groups that are challenging even Al - Qaeda .

Scheme departures

The phenomenon is spreading with frightening speed in the doors of Albanian families, where sources say reserved Middle Albania, Korca and North, are the most affected areas. To cover the tracks, heads, which have previously been linked to various Muslim NGOs, organize the escape, disguised by families as volunteers of these organizations, to help the civilian population. This is the justification and just passed through Turkey, men, women and children of surrender "land Hell", from where the exit alive remains a matter of chance. Powerful media world have confirmed that the men go out there struggling to form the largest Islamic state , which will rule the laws of God , while women and children are used as protection of extremist attacks against government forces .

more see:  http://www.shqiptarja.com/Aktualitet/2731/xhihad-2014-si-p-rfundojn--drejt-siris--fanatik-t-shqiptar-t-194587.html 

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