Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Albania: Security and Defense strategy
Another project for Albanian National Strategy Army, will change just next months

Security and Defense strategy
The Minister of Defense, Mimi Kodheli, presented the new directives for defense in front of the highest Albanian military officials.

Kodheli declared that during this year they will compile a strategic document for the defense, the national security and will review the armed forces structures. There will also be legal reforms.

“First of all, for the compiling of the strategic documents in the security and safety areas, we need to finalize the National Security Strategy, for which the Ministry of Defense is part of the inter-institutional efforts; the Military Strategy and Long-term Development Plan of the Armed Forces; the review of the Armed Forces sutrcture, with the purpose to have a more efficient, functional and able administration, to implement the basic duties of defense for the collective defense and to support the civilian population in emergencies”, Kodheli declared.

The Ministry of Defense expressed her reserves for the work of the year that was left behind.

“2013 marked a full integration of the Armed Forces in the NATo structures, a participation in the operations led by NATO and the European Union; the enlargement of the training processes, the dismantling of excessive ammunition. Despite of the achieved results, we have noted that there are tasks that have failed to complete, such as the development of full operational forces, the main strategic documents of safety and security that is lacking to the defense”, Kodheli declared.

Even during 2014, the dismantling process for the excessive ammunition will continue.

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