Monday, January 6, 2014

Meeting between Kosovo-Albania governments on January 11th

Meeting between Kosovo-Albania governments on January 11th
The two governments of Albania and Kosovo will gather on January 11th in a joint meeting in Prizren.

Dy qeveritë shqiptare, ajo e Shqipërisë dhe ajo e Kosovës, do të mblidhen ne daten 11 janar, në një takim të përbashkët në qytetin e Prizrenit.

The first decision, that of the creation of a mutual fund for building a maternity hospital and helping the Presheva Valley in Serbia, an area of ethnic Albanian majority, will have a strong symbolic meaning,

The joint meeting has been confirmed by representatives of both governments. In fact, this meeting was supposed to be held on November, for the Albanian independence day, but it was postponed due to the Kosovo local elections.

This joint meeting was an idea of the Albanian Prime Minister, Edi Rama, since his first visit in Kosovo after coming to power. The same is expected to happen with the Turkish government, a country that has taken the position of Albania’s strategic partner.

The Presheva fund will also be used for building a school for the residents.

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