Monday, January 6, 2014

President: Serbs in Kosovo "won't be abandoned"

BELGRADE -- Serbian President Tomislav Nikolić delivered his Christmas greetings to SPC Patriarch Irinej and all Orthodox Serbs on Monday, Orthodox Christmas Eve.
In his Christmas message, Nikolić wished for all Serbian citizens and Orthodox believers to spend the most joyous Orthodox holiday in peace and happiness, the Serbian president's press service said.
“Dear brothers and sisters, citizens of Serbia, Serbs in the diaspora, Christmas is a symbol of joy, unity, peace and gentleness,” he said.

“This is a holiday that brings together the whole family, sets up strong ties through the force of faith and love and it is a holiday which brings together all Serbs,” Nikolić noted.

The president wished a happy Christmas to Serbs in Kosovo and Metohija.

“Rest assured, we will never abandon you, we will never turn you over,” Nikolić said and added that this was an obligation and legacy of our ancestors who gave their lives selflessly in the fight for this spiritual and ideological symbol of the Serb people.

He then pointed out that "it was unimportant that those who spent their whole existence dedicated to materialism, and who seek to satisfy their spiritual hunger by amassing wealth, are mocking our spiritual striving."

"What matters is that we who have our essence, origins, spirituality, persevere on the road of righteously maintaining our identity, origins, and culture," he said, and stressed that this was what made us who we are - "a brave and just people, special, and noble."

“I wish a merry Christmas to Serbs in the region and Serbs in the diaspora who know how hard it can be to live outside the mother country and how hard it is to earn your daily bread and prove that you are not second-class citizens,” Nikolić said.

“Our thoughts and love will be with you,” Nikolić said and added that although physically far apart, Serbs will stand together in love and unity on the most joyous Orthodox holiday.

“Dear brothers and sisters, the challenges ahead are great but unison is something we should all strive to achieve. We should overcome personal vanities and animosities, and work together because we share the same goal,” Nikolić said.

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