Thursday, July 18, 2013

Many Durres hotels are empty

Many Durres hotels are empty
July is counting the second fortnight off, and traditionally this is the peak of the holidays, but this is not something you can say for Durres, Golem and the other beaches in this area. There is a drastic fall of the number of holiday goers and the ones saying this mostly are the owners of several businesses by the beach.

“This tourist season is very weak compared to last year. It looks like we are not in summer now, with this low demand”, one worker says.

The weather this year has not been very good for a nice tourist season.

But what has damaged Durres and Golem mostly is also the Ramadan. The most loyal holiday makers of this area are the Albanians of Kosovo, who are also Islam devotees.

“Maybe the crisis, the bad weather has decreased the number of holiday makers, and probably even Ramadan, since Kosovo beach goers respect this tradition”, the business owners say.

While some businesses are ready to declare bankruptcy for this year, other holiday makers are enjoying the situation, because the beach is calmer, the water and the sand cleaner.

“This is the first time that we come here and we like. It is very nice here”, one of them said.

“I’m coming for the third time this year, and I can see that it is very clean, there is good service and good people”, another visitor says.

This tourism season has not been very well for most of the Albanian Riviera. Businesses hope that the situation will change in the first 10 days of August, if the weather will be any better.

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