Monday, June 18, 2012

Two Serbian Army cadets killed in accident

ĆUPRIJA -- Two cadets of the Serbian Army (VS) died on Monday morning in the Pasuljanske Livade training ranges in central Serbia.
A file photo of the Pasuljanske Livade ranges
A file photo of the Pasuljanske Livade ranges
The Ministry of Defense said that they were killed by "a leftover 33mm grenade".
Two more cadets have been seriously injured, while five others suffered light wounds. 

They are being treated at the general hospital in the nearby town of Ćuprija, and are due to be transported by helicopter to Belgrade's military clinic VMA. 

The cadets of the Military Academy were at the ranges as part of their training, in preparation for the school year's final drill, dubbed Diplomac 2012

Live ammunition was not used in today's training, it has been announced. 

According to reports, one of the final year cadets "found the leftover grenade, which then exploded".

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