Sunday, June 17, 2012

Anti-drug police action in Lazarat

Anti-drug police action in Lazarat

The police continued its operation for stopping the cultivation of narcotic plants in Lazarat. Gjirokaster Police Forces, supported by two special teams and two delta groups that are blocking the working power and the organic materials that enter the Lazarat village, which serve for the cultivation of cannabis. 

53 citizens have been stopped today at the entrance of Lazarat. According to the police, they were trying to enter the village. They have also seized a truck that carried water and another one with fertilizers. The six working groups are inspecting the Lazarat communes, for not allowing the cultivation of cannabis. The police also collected the declarations of the workers.

Their testimonies will serve for the penal prosecution of the Lazarat residents that will try to cultivate it. The local police is being supported by a task force of the Traffic Police, led by Krenar Ahmeti.

During the recent hours, the police has removed black tinted windows from 85 Lazarat vehicles, has given 600.000 ALL of fines for the violations, and has seized 3 luxury vehicles that resulted as stolen. The action will continue even in the next days. 

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