Thursday, June 21, 2012

NATO will not reduce number of troops in Kosovo

PRIŠTINA -- NATO Supreme Allied Commander for Europe Admiral James Stavridis has stated in Priština that the Alliance will not reduce the number of its troops in Kosovo.
(FoNet, file)
(FoNet, file)
During a meeting with Kosovo President Atifete Jahjaga Stavridis said that NATO stayed committed to creating safe and peaceful environment for all the citizens of Kosovo, the Kosovo president's office released in a statement.
Jahjaga said that the north remained a major challenge for Kosovo institutions and voiced strong support for NATO's operations aimed at removing roadblocks and creating conditions for freedom of movement of people and goods on the entire territory of Kosovo.

She condemned the bomb attack on KFOR near the Brnjak administrative crossing that left one KFOR soldier injured.

Jahjaga called on KFOR to increase alertness in the period of opening the administrative office for northern Kosovska Mitrovica, and during the meeting the two officials also discussed the future of the Kosovo Security Force and achievement of its full operational capacity, the statement reads.

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